Deepen your understanding of Church Growth, Church Security and Ministry to Men.

As a men's pastor, national leader to men, executive director of an international church growth organization, and former Secret Service Agent, Chuck Brewster has a depth of knowledge about these topics, as well as many other issues that the church faces today.

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The Brewster Group

Chuck Brewster's Areas of Focus

Ministry to Men

Chuck Brewster believes it is time for men to quit being spiritually weak and develop as warriors for Christ. Champions of Honor, a ministry that Chuck founded, is dedicated to raising up men of vision; helping them understand the meaning of unity on the team; guiding them to be disciplined, faithful, an inspiration to others, and persevere with character to the finish.

Church Security

In recognition of a desperately growing need for safety in our nation, Chuck Brewster has developed a security awareness seminar designed specifically to help safeguard your church - Church Security Insights. Combining the expertise of the U.S. Secret Service and over a decade of ministry experience, Chuck has unique insights to the needs of churches and faith-based institutions. Chuck's seminars provide pastors and leaders with violence awareness training and key prevention strategies that go far beyond the routine!

Church Growth

Church Growth International was founded in Seoul, Korea in 1976 by Sr. Pastor David (Paul) Yonggi Cho. It emphasizes Spiritual Church Growth for those Christians desiring to grow up into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. The purpose of Church Growth International of the Americas is to help bring church growth through the power of the Holy Spirit to North, Central and South America. As an Executive Director, Chuck Brewster is on a mission to evangelize cities and nations with the supernatural power of God.

Select Endorsements

  • HonorBound became a model other denominations were eager to emulate under the strong leadership of Chuck Brewster. He's a man's man, and he's my friend.

    Patrick Morley [Author and CEO, Man in the Mirror]

  • Thank you, Chuck, for your commitment to seeing effective ministry to men as an essential role of the local church.

    Vince D'Acchioli [On Target Ministries]

  • My dad said that a 'Champion is a man that never quits' and Chuck is one of those men. Here is a man that spent a whole career serving his nation as a bodyguard for our leaders, but sensitive enough to hear God's voice calling him into a tougher arena. He is a man who never quits, a Champion for men and God!

    Paul Louis Cole [President, CMNWorldwide]

  • Chuck Brewster is a man with a passion for helping fathers to become significant dads and dedicated husbands.

    Justin N. Fennell [Christian Comedian]

  • Chuck is a man of vision who challenges leadership to a higher level of ministry to men in America.

    Dan Erickson [President of People Matters Ministry]

  • I love the way Chuck interweaves his Secret Service training into the needs of men in the church. I also like the way each chapter of his book, Dead Men Rising, can be used by men as a small group resource. This is a must read for every man and a challenge to every pastor.

    Bill McCartney [Founder, Promise Keepers]

  • The day you decided that your ' service' shouldn't be 'secret' anymore, was a great day for me and for the Kingdom.

    Ron Gollner [Pastor and Worship leader]

  • Chuck has a big heart for men - but an even bigger heart for God.

    Brian Doyle [Director, Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference and Ministries]

  • Putting your life on the line as a soldier is something that I know and speak of often, but standing in the line of fire is a determined act of commitment. Chuck is as committed to the men of this nation as he was when he served the President of the United States. He has something to say to men and the churches that will impact a nation for God.

    Dave Roever [Founder, Roever & Associates]

Contact Information

  • P.O. Box 820, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
  • (850) 293-3615
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