Focus on our Finances

Focus on our Finances

The headlines today are earthshaking when companies that have been foundational to the business world and Wall Street are failing at an astounding rate. The failure is not due to bad business practices that developed on their own but practices that developed due to greed, lack of integrity, and a reassurance that ‘daddy’ (US Government) would help us overcome our problems and bail us out to begin again.

The problem is that we have learned this traits from a fatherless world where government has been the answer to all of our problems. Where standards have moved away from Godly principles to standards of Wall Street. Behind every failure of this magnitude are men wiling to push the envelope beyond where God would want us to go. 

We need to instill solid Word principles back into business.  To begin again we need to hold business and investors to a God standard not a Gold standard. To bring about a failure of this magnitude one must wonder what is next. As Christians our faith should be strong and we should not worry. We should understand practicle living and not look to make it rich without the hard work. 

Christians should look to the Bible for investment guidance. We should invest in ways that enhance the Kingdom of God. Living beyond our means is not Godly, it is worldly. Dave Ramsey teaches us how to be prepared with our finances for time like these. He sets goals and borders for us to be in the right path of Godly investments.

Being a Champion means we are prepared for battle and we are ready for anything that is thrown at us. Don’t look at what the world wants you to see but focus on what God wants you to do.

Champions must understand the authority God has given us, accept that authority, and walk in that authority. In order to do that we must discover the authority operating in our lives and adjust it to God’s authority.

No matter how Wall street turns out, we on Main street must realize where our priorities are and direction we are moving and adjust to be what He has called us to be – Champions!