Testimony Update: Sharing The Coin

Testimony Update: Sharing The Coin

Here is a follow-up to the testimony that I recently posted.  It is situations like these that are the reason why we had the coins created.

Mr. Brewster, 

I sent you an email about a month ago after you had visited Cross Tabernacle Church in Terre Haute, IN.  After the service you came over and gave me the medallion and both copies of your book.  I had explained to you how I missed the men’s meeting the day before and had some bitterness towards my wife for not being able to go.    Anyway, I wanted to share with you what God has been doing since that time.  I have carried the medallion in my pocket since you gave it to me.  It was a great reminder each time I would reach in my pocket.

Unfortunately, I am writing to you tonight under some difficult circumstances.  This weekend, my wife and I lost a friend to a car accident.  She was only 30 yrs of age.  We have been friends with her and her husband for many years, and we attended church with them prior to us attending Cross Tabernacle.  Not only was she too young, but she was also 14 weeks pregnant with her second child.  She left behind her husband and a 3 yr old daughter.  The last two days have been rough and emotional.  We went to the visitation on Tuesday and the funeral today.  They are great, Godly people.  There is not a doubt in my mind or anyone that knew her’s mind, where she is right now!  

As I was getting dressed for the funeral, I put on my suit and looked down at my dresser and there was the medallion.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to give it to the husband at the funeral.  I really liked that medallion.  I loved having that in my pocket.  But I knew the voice of the Lord and understood that it could bring him more comfort right now than it could for me.   

So I took it to the funeral and gave it to him as we were talking with him.  I explained where it came from and what it was meant for.  I couldn’t help but have overwhelming peace when I gave it to him and he freely received it.  There is no better way to get through such a horrible tragedy than with the full armor of God to cover you.    I wanted to say, “Thank you” to you again for giving me the medallion.  I now know why it was given to me and I praise God for His provisions.  The medallion is going to serve a great purpose and will be a great reminder of God’s amazing love to someone who is hurting very deeply.   Thank you again and God bless you